Saturday, 20 June 2009

White Bunk Bed

You know the story, you can't wait to get into your bed at night and in the morning all you want to do is lay in. So why on earth are your kids completely different? Tantrums before bedtime and then they're up with the larks and demanding that you get up too. Oh the joys of parenthood. You need as many tricks up your sleeves as possible to get the little blighters to sleep.

So one trick you might want to consider is getting them a bunk bed. White bunk beds are fun, not too expensive, well not if you shop around, and they save space, so they're practical. But most importantly of all children love them on so many levels. Our kids will feel like they have a room within a room, somewhere they can go that is there own. And of course they love to play around on them. Just make sure they understand the safety ground rules. With a white bunk bed you may even find that your kids look forward to bedtime.

White Loft Bunk Bed

A white loft bunk bed is perfect for an only child. Why deprive your child of his or her bunk bed just because they don't have a brother or sister. Don't do it. I'm an only child and I loved my loft bed. You don't have to have two twin beds one over the other, although if you do then your kid can have a friend round for a sleep over. Why not have a loft bunk bed where your boy or girl sleeps up on the top bunk and underneath is their work desk for home work. Alternatively if you have a girl she might want a vanity mirror for playing make up.

Perhaps you will use the space below as a storage area. You could set up a clothes rail to hang all their outfits, or set up some bookcases if they're into reading. When I was young the area below my bunk was laid out with cushions and that's where I sat and read. If your child is younger why not cordon off the lower area with curtains or some other material so that they can have their own private den. Be imaginative, think like a child and let them have the bunk bed they will love and thank you for.

White Futon Bunk Bed

If your child has trouble sleeping it can be difficult to work out why, there are so many things that keep a child awake at night. However one simple possibility is that they're not comfortable. Is your boy or girl one of those kids who is always squirming a round the bed trying to get settled. Do you walk in at night sometime to find them huddled right down at the bottom of the bed or with their feet half way up the wall?

Bizarrely enough some people and some children don't get on well with soft mattresses. They don't like the sensation of sinking into something soft. Personally I can't think of anything nicer, but there you go each to their own. Futons are mostly thought of as a choice made by adults for adults but maybe that is want your offspring is secretly craving without knowing it them selves. If this is possibly the case then perhaps a white futon bunk bed would be just the ticket! Why not give it a go? Also have a look at the models where the lower futon bed folds up into a sofa.

White Trundle Bunk Bed

In my opinion if you have kids then a trundle bed or trundle bunk bed is the way to go. After all if you want to buy a bunk bed you're already thinking about saving space, yes the kids think you're buying it just for them,but you know different right? So if you're trying to save space go the whole hog and get a trundle bed.

Storage space is key with kids, they just have so much stuff and it's all got to go somewhere unless you want to spend the next ten years standing on or tripping over toys. Stash them all away under the bed so that you can see the floor for once! Or if the kids bedroom is large enough to accommodate a toy box then use the under bed trundle units to store the linen for their beds. With all that laundry to do wouldn't it be easier if you then knew where everything was and didn't have to search through all your linens to find the ones that go on the kids beds. Storage, storage, storage... you know it makes sense.

White Wood Bunk Bed

Just because your children see their new bunk bed as a great new adventure play ground doesn't mean you have to sacrifice all your good taste and sense of interior design by buying some outlandish and gaudy bunkbed, built to look like a space rocket or some sort of pink princess nightmare. Your kids will just be happy to have a bunk bed so do yourself, and your eyes a favour, by just choosing a plain white wood bunk bed.

All those novelty designed beds are going to get really old, really quickly, however a simple traditional looking bunk bed in white is always going to be in fashion. Most of them can be split into two twin beds so that you can get even further use out of them when the kids decide they want their own bit of space. It's all about thinking ahead with children. Don't give into their every whim. Take the time to work out how you can give them what they want while still getting you the furniture you need. Smart huh?